It is what it isssss


am i the only one that measures time using songs?

im like “it took me 3 songs to come” lol


Can we talk about this.

When you don’t matter to anybody first hand… It doesnt matter whether you do good or bad. Nobody is there to care about what you do and nobody is there to make you feel important when something goes wrong. People are mistaking the emotion of anger and fear for something completely opposite than what it is; which is love.

I am no longer blinded by the love I thought I had for Claire. I am utterly devoted to you.

I wish the following was on a channel like showtime or hbo because it’d be much more explicit 😩😩

James Purefoy is so fucking sexy like why did I not see this before


-I love my wife.

-She’s not here.


Easter bunny aint get me shit but a tab of acid and an oversized sports bra

Life was so great in like 2011 I had two A level guys fighting over me for an entire summer

Anonymous :  Just remember not to resist the experience and you'll have a great time!

Ya thaats what I did on shrooms hahah all I kept saying was “I wish I was sober this is fucked up” but I eventually got myself to be content and enjoyed it… Hopefully it’ll be a different experience this time

Im doing acid tomorrow for the first time any advice ???

Mom don’t get mad at me if I marry a serial killer

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