Sexuality is so weird. It’s “normal” to like just one gender, most times expected to be the opposite gender. It’s almost like being racist. Like “Oh, I don’t like you because you’re a boy.” Or “I CAN’T like you, because you’re a boy, and I’m not gay.” It’s very sad that liking anybody you feel love with has to be classified and categorized by society. In my opinion, liking and finding yourself compatible with both genders is “normal”. Limiting yourself is stupid, it doesn’t matter who you love or why you love them. Love shouldn’t be classified.


Are you enjoying this character?


anyway. *fingers myself*

Vakarufalhi by Jogorman

Vakarufalhi by Jogorman


Despite all our differences I think we can all agree on one thing

Robin Williams was a fucking gift to humanity


i still laugh at how laura prepon and taylor schilling had to go to a choreographer for their milkshake dance scene  


the good news is that i had time to stop for a frappe


Yeah… I’d join his cult.

band member:so how old are you?
me:how old do you need me to be